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Our Story

After years of leading global learning and development programs - touching millions of learners in hundreds of countries and a dozen languages - we’d seen our fair share of training programs, too often with uninspirational results. We kept asking, “‘Are classes, videos, and ‘bite-sized’ lessons with multiple choice questions at the end really the best we can do? If people learn by doing, why isn’t there a more compelling, hands-on alternative? 


We also recognized a business mandate for the learning function to evolve. As the pace of competitive and tech change accelerates, and remote work becomes the new normal, organizations need a new way to deliver + measure the impact of training and skill building experiences.


So we went back to the beginning. Talked to employees and business leaders. Scoured the research. Looked outside corporate America for inspiration. The takeaways were simple, but powerful: people forget most training within hours. Answering multiple choice questions isn’t necessarily the same as being prepared for your role. There’s no such thing as learning styles. Only 20-50% of traditional training such as eLearning, in-person classes and webinars actually gets applied. 


But the research and user feedback also showed that immersive learning, skills-based practice, and lifelike simulation not only offer an alternative that works, they’re often faster and cheaper to build than traditional training content. 

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So the team came together to create a company that could offer a more modern, human way to learn. 


We created Bright.

Who We Are

Individually, we are learning and performance experts with decades of experience, and a passion for serving others by helping them learn and grow.

Collectively, we’re a diverse team with the shared mission to reimagine the corporate learning function.

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Everyone deserves to grow

The key to a fulfilled life is growth and service to others. By bringing innovation and a spirit of excellence to how we learn, we can help people grow, aspire, and bring their best self to their companies, communities, and families.

What We Believe

Embrace mistakes

People make mistakes - it’s human. And it’s part of how we learn best. Learning platforms should be designed accordingly to let employees work out the kinks in simulated scenarios, not real ones.

Practice boosts performance

Classes, videos and e-learning have their place. But research shows practice, coaching, and repetition are essential for learning to occur. Immersive learning is the future.

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Learning Principle #1: Spaced Repetition

Principle #2: 

Blended, Ongoing Skills-Based Practice

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Learning Principle #3: Personalized, Curated Experiences

Learning Principle #4: Immersive Learning as an Operating Model

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