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What's the Future of Corporate Learning + EdTech?

Last week, L&D Industry Analyst Josh Bersin shared thoughts about the future of EdTech, and praised LMS-provider Docebo for thinking more broadly about how to solution and sell in the saturated - largely commoditized - LMS space. It's a good article and you can check out the article here. In his post he shared a visual for a 'white-space' where LMS, LXP, Content Providers, and other EdTech companies will converge to create a new type of learning platform. Check out the image below. We mostly agree with him...

Here's what's missing from this assessment: The reason the LMS market has become saturated and stale is because so many providers are focused almost solely on content delivery and exploration. Beautiful content. Bite-sized content. Cohort-delivered content. But as we've written elsewhere, training content is a commodity. AI-generated content will accelerate this dynamic. Even User-Generated Content (which Bersin emphasizes) is still... just content. From a learning science perspective, the impact of content is helpful, but limited. We've written about that previously too. What's the alternative?

At Bright, we believe the future of learning is practice at scale.

There is a white space, as Bersin suggests. But we believe that space will be filled by next-generation of learning platforms who provide experiences in which learners can practice the skills they need to thrive. The practice includes life-like, AI-powered simulations and coaching in conversation, decision-making, soft skills, software tools, process management, report analysis, and so much more. Practice at scale (not content generation) is the most compelling and transformational opportunity for generative AI in L&D. These tools and features will become (and for many are already becoming...) the heart of corporate learning strategies. The platforms who can deliver them alongside more traditional (commoditized) forms of content, and/or integrate third-party experiences quickly/easily, will both deliver better business results (because practice and hyper-personalized coaching works) and be able to help organizations consolidate multiple other learning platforms, reducing cost and administrative burden. Sound familiar? That's because that's what we've been building over here at Bright. One of our partners, an L&D Executive who leads a team that trains tens of thousands of learners annually, put it this way:

"We'd have to buy an AI Coach Platform, Software Simulator, LXP, and a Video Role Play platform to recreate what Bright is doing in a single, beautiful solution."

This sums up the Bright value proposition nicely, and also describes a dynamic not fully reflected in Bersin's analysis. There's definitely white space. And it will be filled by practice at scale. __________ P.S. - For the record, we're big fans of Josh Bersin, Docebo, and all the brands noted in the image above. We're simply sharing a different take on the future of learning that's been validated by dozens of Fortune 500 + Global Healthcare organizations. (aka, our customers) :)


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