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Bright Academy

Enabling the L&D and Skills Tech Leaders of the Future

Part of our mission is to empower and enable leaders who can help their people thrive. That's why Bright has always put our proprietary simulation, AI, and coaching authoring tools directly in the hands of customers.

Through Bright Academy, we provide over 10 hours of self-paced learning experiences, accompanied by live reviews with a Bright Account Manager, to help you build your own simulations + make the most of our platform, fast. 

Sample Experiences Include:

Learning Strategy Foundations

How to use Learning Personas, the 80/20 Rule, and Learning Economics to shape short and long term learning strategies that drive undeniable training ROI. 

How to craft programs that enable your company to deliver practice at scale, while reducing costs and improving associate performance.

Conversation + Software Simulation Design

How to rapidly design conversation simulations and train AI using existing call and chat history records. 

How to templatize your systems and create re-usable software simulation components in Bright's drag-and-drop system. 

ROI + Skills Data Analysis

How to baseline current program performance and conduct A/B tests to ensure simulations and practice are impacting your bottom line.

How to utilize skills data to help predict associate fit for role, strength/development areas, and overall company performance.

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