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Power L+D through 
Simulation, Practice + Coaching

Both neuroscience and common sense indicate the best way to learn how to do it, is to do it. Our cloud-based platform powers conversation, chat, and decision making simulations + coaching exercises that can be built in minutes, helping team members speak, write, and decide in a safe environment as they work out the kinks on simulated customers instead of real ones.

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Sandbox Environment

A Sandbox Environment
at your Fingertips

Bright’s integrated, no-code software simulation authoring tool enables customers to build dynamic training environments without any help from IT. Iterative practice in guided simulations helps learners build CRM proficiency 3x faster than more traditional PowerPoint walkthroughs.

Center your learning around practice not quizzes

Our training philosophy is a unique blend of engaging learners through short demos followed up with practice through recorded or written response demonstrating how to make decisions and/or apply judgement

Learn by Doing

Prove Training ROI

Our simulations generate a unique data set that answers the question leaders really want to answer: Are my people ready? Skills data and the launch of an immersive learning strategy powered by Bright make it dramatically easier to tie training outcomes to the business metrics you really care about.

Training ROI

A Customizable
AI Coaching Engine

Empower trainers to be performance coaches, and say farewell to the multiple choice quiz. The more your trainers and managers coach in Bright, the more it accurately it can assess learners' spoken or written simulation responses to determine if they are ready to represent your brand. This isn't a one-size-fits all AI model - each exercise is tailored to your rules, your standards, and your processes.

AI and Coaching

See Why
Our Customers
Love Bright

'Our patient satisfaction scores grew 22% in a matter weeks after deploying Bright simulations and coaching.' 

AVP of Patient Experience

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