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The Voice of Bright Customers and Users is the Most Compelling Proof Point

*Yes - any of these leaders would be happy to speak with you live to share their experiences

We evaluated 15 different systems before we made our decision. Bright’s AI conversation simulations were by far the most realistic and flexible. Human voices or AI voices. Partial credit and branching with alternate endings. Full-service support from Bright or the ability to do it ourselves. Bright has quickly become the leader in immersive learning for CX.

Executive Director for a 60k seat contact center

This is the second time I've been a Bright Customer. At this point, it’s hard to imagine running a Customer or Patient Experience shop without a capability like this.

VP of Customer Experience for a Fortune 50 Healthcare Company

Bright isn’t just a tech provider. Their CX team has been an incredible learning strategy & support partner. I’ve literally got the cell phone number of my Account Manager. We’ve continued to meet regularly and improve the program together well past the initial implementation.

Director of CX at a well-known Home Goods brand

Our Bright new hires have achieved the highest First Call Resolution in our center’s history within 1 month. They even have higher FCR than our veterans. This means we’ve gone from a 6-month ramp time to basically zero.

And the Bright CX and Support team has been amazing - super high touch and responsive!

Director of Analytics at a well-known US insurance brand

We didn’t just update our training. We moved a mountain. We went from a 4-week onboarding program that included live training, role play, and nesting, to a 2-week program with heavy emphasis on simulation-based practice and AI coaching. Not only has this changed the way we train, but those new hires are achieving 8-10% higher YOY sales and NPS numbers.

CX Leader at a Fortune 500 company with 20k total annual learners in Bright

Using Bright has changed the way we facilitate classroom training. Trainers can actually breathe for once. They are able to look at simulation skills reports and tailor their coaching to the individual. There’s a big difference between talking to a group of 30 and engaging new team-members one-on-one.

Training Manager on a 15-person training facilitator team

This is weird to say, but our overall attrition has gone down because attrition in the first few days after new hire has gone up. The simulations and coaching we deliver help bad-fit hires realize as soon as they join this isn’t the job for them. So they leave after a few days instead of after months of struggling. And the people who stay stay longer because they're confident and ready. We call this dynamic ‘healthy attrition.’

Director of Training for a 2k seat contact center

Things that used to take us 2 weeks in Articulate Storyline took us 2 days in Bright. Their approach to software simulations is the most streamlined and automated in the industry!

Instructional designer with experience using Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

We've only been using Bright for 6-7 months, but we've already seen a 25% reduction in attrition + a 45% reduction in new hire error rates. We have a very technical product, so the ability to practice is particularly important for us.

COO of a major Telecommunications company

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