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Professional Services

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Learning Strategy

We provide advisory support to help you design a holistic immersive learning strategy, including how to adapt your operations and existing programs to reduce cost and reinvest resources in immersive learning.

Coach Certification

We've partnered with the industry's best leadership development experts to develop a practice-based coaching program that helps your managers instill a culture of learning in the organization.

Performance Consulting

Developing simulations is often the tip of the iceberg, uncovering numerous other opportunities to improve customer + patient experiences.


We bring global experience + change management expertise to support leadership alignment and adoption of both Bright and your broader business initiatives.

Content Production


The best writing for immersive scenarios comes from real life - so we help collect actual customer or patient recordings. Or, if recordings don't exist, we conduct field observation sessions to write relevant, life-like simulation content.


It may seem counter-intuitive, but building interactive immersive content can take LESS time than building traditional training content. If customer recordings are available, content can be up in days. If we help write, produce, and re-create new content, it can be live in 2-3 weeks.

Actor Sourcing

We source a wide variety of voice and film actors to re-create the demographics of your customer or patient base. We're the industry's top experts in ensuring your content is not 'over-produced.'

Video + Audio Editing

If you want, our team will manage all editing + loading of your content into Bright, allowing you to focus on strategy, design, and impact.

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IT Services

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Custom Engineering

Bright provides a strong immersive learning foundation. But we can also build additional, custom functions and features to help you expand our software to additional needs.

LMS Integration

While Bright can stand alone as a powerful learning platform, we also integrate with existing Learning Management Systems, allowing you to maintain a single source of truth, while introducing compelling immersive experiences to your learners.

Custom Reporting

One of our core beliefs is that Learning should be able to demonstrate business impact. We can help you create custom reports that integrate data from multiple data sources + uncover a true picture of training ROI.

Custom Integrations

We've worked with some of the most complex Learning tech stacks that exist. We can help you redesign + rebuild your IT setup to create a seamless learner experience in spite of what may be going on behind the scenes.