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Announcing Bright's AI/NLP Simulation Coaching Engine

This week we announced an exciting partnership with Bright's newly minted AI/NLP partner, InMoment. Check out the announcement HERE.

Earlier this year I met with the C-Suite leaders of all our customers to ask them: if we take on an investment round, how can Bright make the biggest difference in the immersive learning space?

The answer had nothing to do with VR/AR (though we're investing in those capabilities too...) The answer was typically something like: We know practice + simulation is the future of learning. Can you help us make a swift transition... that proves our investments in learning are working?

Our first response to this launches in May, with support from our AI/NLP partner, Lexalytics - an InMoment company.

Today Bright simulations enable customers to coach their associates through life-like customer or patient interactions, assessing their soft skills, process knowledge, judgment, and ability to represent their brand. The assessment is done entirely by humans. Since this approach has reduced the need for live/virtual training courses, on the one hand, this has enabled companies to transform the trainer role to that of a performance coach. Having a human being - not a multiple choice quiz - on the other side of your learning experience has had huge upsides to our customers' patient experience scores, sales closure, NPS, and more.

On the other hand, we appreciate the scalability challenge of bringing a more personalized, human touch to coaching associates through new skillsets. Our new AI/NLP Simulation Coaching Engine balances the best of both worlds.

In May, we're on track to release - what is, as far as we can tell - the corporate learning worlds' first customizable AI/NLP coaching engine.

When learners speak or write in Bright simulations, our engine will take the lessons learned from watching human-driven coaching, and apply similar coaching + skills rating feedback from other learners who provided similar responses, in real time.

So What?

On a purely practical note, this means our customers will have a more scalable way to deliver practice-centered experiences to their teams. Practice-based learning programs reduce training times and delivery costs, while improving performance outcomes.

But to readers who are not currently customers, I'd share a different take: what if you could say farewell to the multiple choice quiz? What if answering 7 out of 10 quiz questions wasn't the epitome of training, certification, and assessments?

What if you could design and release life-like, simulation-based training experiences in minutes + hours, instead of the days and weeks it takes to release traditional training experiences?

What if you could deliver those experiences at scale, with the support of human-in-the-loop AI-powered coaching?

What would the skills data captured from delivering training in this way tell you about the readiness of your team to represent your brand? And how would this transform the way you run your L+D operations?

Going Upstream

There's a temptation to present AI as a silver bullet for every business problem under the sun. That's not what we're doing here.

The beauty of these new Bright features is that they don't overpromise on what AI can deliver. The use case for NLP as described above is already proven many times over in other domains, including social media analytics, conversational AI used by chatbots, and the like. We're simply bringing that capability upstream via a no-code NLP model builder that let's non-AI experts harness the power of a more modern, human way to learn.

Can't wait to share more in the coming couple months. In the interim, reach out if you're ready to leave your LMS + multiple choice quizzes behind!


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