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Wield Practice

at Scale

Bright is shaping the future of workforce development through immersive learning, simulation-based training, real-life practice, + AI-powered coaching.

A More Modern, Human Way to Learn

If you’re looking for a way to reduce training costs by 25%+, while driving 2x faster ramp-up times, and proving training ROI in the process… you’ve come to the right place.

Scenario-based Simulations

Life-like, scenario-based experiences where employees speak or write to work out the kinks on simulated customers or patients instead of real ones.

Scenario 2.png

No-Code Software Simulation Builder

Our platform includes a software training environment builder tool, enabling customers to build a sandbox of any software system, without any help from IT.

No Code Software

Fully branching conversation simulations

We offer the industry's most powerful, customizable conversation simulation builder, enabling your associates to use fully-branching conversation or chat simulations - including alongside our software simulations!

Convo Builder Snapshot.png

AI-Powered Coaching + Skills Data to Prove ROI

Asynchronous or live coaching connections that rate learner performance + provide personalized feedback, capturing skill data (not just training completion data) for the organization

Coaching and AI

Plugs In Easily to your Existing Tools + Ecosystem

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We cut a 3 week onboarding to 1.5 weeks, saving $2M in costs, yet got 5-10% higher sales closure + NPS. Truly insane!

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