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Are you exploring Generative AI to upskill your people?

Since the inception of Bright, we’ve always believed immersive learning can provide a more modern, human way to grow. With the trends starting to emerge alongside the recent rush of new generative AI offerings, this sentiment couldn’t be more timely or important for leaders to consider.

It’s a provocative philosophical question for leaders to ask themselves: Are the AI technologies and solutions we’re putting in place trying to replace or improve my team?

Put another way:

Are we putting the same level of thought and effort into bringing generative AI to our talent as we are to our customers, products, and processes?

Last week, British Telecommunications announced that it plans to fire 55,000 employees and replace many of them with AI.

Is this a harbinger of things to come? It’s not clear yet. But stories like these provide an opportunity to reflect on the root motivation behind the AI solutions we are putting in place.

Inevitably, the rapid onset of new AI solutions and stories like these are causing concerns about job loss. Whereas previously new technologies took 10-20 years to mature and spread, AI appears to be on track to reach full adoption in much less than that - perhaps faster than human skills can adapt.

But what if we use that same generative AI to equip our people for change?

Bright is a great example of an AI solution that fundamentally aims to permanently and more rapidly upskill employees and help them thrive. The same AI models that can interact with customers, summarize conversations, pass the Bar Exam, and - apparently - show better patient empathy than many human healthcare providers can also be used to provide tutoring, practice, simulations, skills assessments, coaching, and other talent experiences.

The beauty is that these experiences align the interests of both the associate and the company. Designing and delivering these experiences at scale costs less than traditional training, while driving better customer and business outcomes. And because they are self-paced, it frees up time for trainers, managers, and coaches to spend their time with learners in a more meaningful, personalized, human way than lecturing 30 people at a time.

The best part?

In the process, the employee gets a permanent boost to their skills, confidence, and career trajectory.

During this intense season of innovation, take time to learn how to use generative AI to invest in your people at the same rate as you’re investing in the rest of your business.


Discover what Bright can do for your business.

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