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Introducing: Bright Explore Paths

Over the last year, the opportunity to achieve reduced ramp time to proficiency and training time for new hire employees has resonated with nearly every Operations, Finance, and Learning leader we've met. But a storyline for veteran associates has emerged that's just as exciting. That's why over the last several months we've been working with customers to build a featureset that can continue the upskilling journey in an automated and hyper-personalized way. We call the new feature: Bright Explore Paths.

The goal is to provide ongoing weekly or monthly simulation-based practice and coaching personalized to each employee's specific development areas.

The basic feature includes:

  • Personalized Upskilling Automation: Bright offers a self-service mapping tool to manage data integrations from company Operation data platforms that feature performance metrics, QA scores, coaching priorities, and other indicators of relevant skills. Once an Admin sets the upskilling campaign criteria, Bright does the rest by automatically serving up the right duration + complexity of simulations, creating huge time savings for Ops + Learning teams. The tool also gives customers the ability to automate nudges and invitations to have learners participate in their development path during already-scheduled breaks + blocks throughout the day.

  • Permissioned Exploration: Explore Paths also open up a whole new portal for learners to proactively explore simulation + practice. We've included a wide range of parameters to give leaders complete control of what paths are visible/searchable to which teams and learners.

  • Skills Badging: Every Bright path - whether Core paths for role/team-based learning, or Explore paths for personalized upskilling - can now be associated with a Skills Badge, providing two key benefits. First, the badge provides formal recognition + motivation for learners' practice efforts. Second, Bright's simulation assessment data provides increased visibility for leaders on the level and availability of important skills across the organization.

  • Enhanced Reporting: Bright's entire real-time reporting suite has been outfitted with Explore Path data, meaning leaders can see progress + insights for personalized paths just as easily as they do for role/team-based paths.

To make this feature real, let's follow a quick day-in-the-life of two learners...

These examples are really just the beginning. Reach out today to learn more about how automated, personalized skill development can change the way you run your learning shop!


Discover what Bright can do for your business.

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