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The Most Adaptive Learning There Is (aka Bright's new Video Coaching Enhancements)

Over the last year Bright has helped customers deliver over 20,000 coaching moments. These have been one-to-one exchanges between customer service agents, sales professionals, healthcare providers, psychologists, and other high-touch roles. The way this happens in Bright is by combining video/audio/scenario-based role play with simulations. The approach completely transforms the way that trainers spend their day-to-day, and week-to-week. Instead of spending 40 hours a week training groups of 30, trainers cut their class time in half, and spend more time in one-on-one exchanges. The result is the most adaptive learning model there is.

We're not just talking about progressive lessons based on quiz scores (which is how most tech companies define adaptive learning). Bright coaching quickly identifies performance-based strength and development areas at the individual learner level, and weaves in feedback, practice, and guidance to help people learn 2-3x faster.

Enough with the obligatory startup hype background. Here's what we did about it:

In the course of observing video role play and other components of Bright simulations, we found that giving feedback by text/typing is hard. It's because feedback on soft (aka human) skills is nuanced. The common approach of rating learners and typing feedback is fairly limited when you want to talk about tone of voice, body language, storytelling structure, and other similar topics. This was especially true in field sales roles and healthcare settings where provider and psychologist exchanges are incredibly complex and human.

To address this, we recently made exciting enhancements in our platform that enable coaches to deliver feedback and guidance asynchronously via video, audio, or document feedback.

Our Coach Inbox now allows coaches to add a more dynamic range of feedback on simulation and training performance - the same way they would if they were in person. In the new work-from-home era, this capability is becoming increasingly essential.

Coaches see learner submissions from simulations...

Record their own video, audio, or document response...

And this is delivered with a skills rating back to the learner for spaced repetition and iteration.

It's a small tweak to our platform, but with a huge upside for human skills. This feature is live now, and already helping customer service, sales, and healthcare professionals change they way they give real practice for real life.

Reach out if you'd like to learn more!


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